Saturday, January 1, 2022

Time for a new year post?

Everywhere there is New Year Celebrations going on. I am happy for them. I was thinking how would a tester approach a new year...If you have a computer and internet connection, you can do wonders. 

Learn about your company
What does your company do?
Since when?
For whom?
Who are your competitors?
Future plans?
What does your company avoid?
How much do you know about the management and other teams?
What are the problems your company is facing?
Who are your customers? 
What are their top use cases?

Learn about the industry
What is the industry your company is into?
What is the industry your customers are into?
What are the industry trends?
How much do you know about the history of the industry?
What problems does the industry face in general?
How have other industries solved similar problems?

Learn about your craft
What are the fundamentals?
What are the trends and the history?
If there is a topic, are there books, websites, articles, courses, workshops on it? Go through them.
Talk to the practitioners. Don't stop with the fundamental questions. Do your homework, show them your hard work and approach with specific questions.

Practice your skills
Pick up any skill that you think you want to improve and practice. Take feedback and implement the feedback. 
Understand that there are types of skills and a lot of them too.
- Problem Solving
- Learning
- Testing (Questioning, Test data generation, Using the right tools for the context, Modelling an application, Foundations, Bug Advocacy, Test Design and more like the ones mentioned in WHOSE (WorksHop for Self-Education in Software Testing)
- Pick up any session from Weekend Testing, practice and compare with others' approach.

Read Books
There are hundreds of them listed here: by Huib Schoots

Watch videos of conference/meetup talks on YouTube. Check out the list of conferences here - maintained by Chris Kenst.

Participate in contests and community activities. There are many. Check out My Testing Dreams which has references to multiple such platforms.

Make new friends and stay in touch with old friends. Check out

In short, LIVE.

Be Happy for what you have.
Learn more for growth and new opportunities
Take care of health as it is difficult to deliver at 30% energy :)
Say no to things that take you away from your goals
Think long term, start now with short term goals.
Experience the moments.