Thursday, November 5, 2009

Golden Chance to meet Michael Bolton in India!!!

QAI India
Organized by
Edista Testing Institute
Learn, Rapid Software Testing with Michael Bolton Learn, Rapid Software Testing with Michael Bolton Learn, Rapid Software Testing with Michael Bolton
Mumbai: 12 Nov.2009 – 12 Nov.2009 Hyderabad: 16 Nov.2009 – 16 Nov.2009
Chennai: 13 Nov.2009 – 13 Nov.2009 Bangalore: 17 Nov.2009 – 18 Nov.2009

Course Description

Rapid testing is a complete methodology designed for today’s testing, in which we’re dealing with complex products, constant change, and turbulent schedules. It's an approach to testing that begins with developing personal skills and extends to the ultimate mission of software testing: lighting the way of the project by evaluating the product. The approach is consistent with and follow-on to many of the concepts and principles introduced in the book Lessons Learned in Software Testing: a Context-Driven Approach by Kaner, Bach, and Pettichord. In interactive workshop, Michael Bolton, the co-author (with James Bach) of the Rapid Software Testing course introduces testers, managers, developers, and any other interested parties to the philosophy and practice of Rapid Software Testing, through lecture, stories, discussions, and “minds-on” exercises that simulate important aspects of real software testing problems.

Contact Details
Bangalore/Hyderabad: Akshay Raj
(M): +91-9845176034
(P): +91-080-41574806/7/9,

Chennai: Harsha Bhat
(M): +91-9845098916

Delhi: Divya Raturi
(M): +91-9871252501

Mumbai: Kishor Parab
(M): +91-9821251126

I have registered. When will you register?

See you at the workshop.

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