Saturday, July 20, 2013

(Free) Hands-On Training on Software Testing

Course Overview
Update: The seats have been filled and registrations have closed. Thanks.
This time, I am conducting this course in collaboration with STeP-IN Forum and the target audience is testers with experience between 0 - 3 years.

Date: August 1st to August 30th (excluding weekends)
Time: 06.00 am to 07.30 am IST
Link to Register for the course:

Course Overview:
As highlighted in the mind map, this training will focus on the following topics:

Basics of Software Testing
We will start with understanding the basic terms like bug - issue - quality - defect. We will definitely NOT go through V-Model, Waterfall and many other such terms which is slowly losing out its importance in today's testing world.

Test Ideas
This session will focus on how to generate test ideas, learn from different sources to test any product. We will also know that software testing is not only about testing Functionality.

Bug Hunting
There is no fun without bugs. So, how do we find them? How is bug investigation different from bug hunting? How to find Sev 1 bugs?

We will definitely be using many tools in our sessions. We will also focus on how to scout for resources and tools in particular.

Test Reporting
Once a tester completes the test execution, (s)he should be able to provide a professional test report. We will create different reports and get feedback from the group.

Does your learning stop after a course or workshop? How can one learn about software testing every day? We will go through few important areas for self-learning.
Link to Register for the course:

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thanks. 7 years of software testing

July 17th 2013, I complete seven years of testing software.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

STeP-In: Done. Next Generation Testing Conference: In Progress

The STeP-IN conference started on 18th June and the closing ceremony was on 21st. I received the Best Speaker award for my hands on tutorial on "Mindmaps: A powerful testing tool to aid testing thought process"

After STeP-IN, its time for World Conference on Next Generation Testing by Unicom.

I am excited to be part of this conference for multiple reasons.

This is the first time, I am conducting a paid workshop on Exploratory Testing. Details about the workshop are here (Click on the Agenda tab). This is a one-day workshop and you can register here. The speaker list is impressive. I have known many of the speakers for quite a few years now.

I take this opportunity to let you know of three reasons why one should attend this conference:

Reason 1: The Experience & Knowledge
If you have never attended any conference till date and you are working in software testing industry, I would say that its too late. You need to experience the conference atmosphere. Better late than never. Get started. Once you attend, you will know about different contexts other than the one at your office. You would also know that you can present in next conference too.

Reason 2: Build your Network
It is good to know that others share your passion or have interests just like your team. The problems faced by your team are already solved by some other teams. You may never know whom your company might hire in next three months or which domain interests you after six months. The bigger your network, higher your chances.

Reason 3: Good Investment
When I started my career in software testing, I paid one-fourth of my salary for a half day workshop. Friends called me crazy but the investment paid off big time. My perspective on software testing changed. And today, I have reached a state where I would conduct a paid workshop. Do not wait for your employer to pay for your learning. Invest in self-learning and reap the benefits soon.

I will be available at Le Méridien from 10th to 12th July. See you there.

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