Saturday, February 13, 2010

I know you'd have a test case for this !!!

Here is a question answer session for my blog readers.


The image at the right was taken at a ticket counter at Bangalore City Railway Station. Passengers wait for their turn to buy tickets. The officer inside the room asked questions like "Which station, Which train, Number of passengers?"
Once the passenger gave the details, ticket was given after collecting the fare.

There was a display put up to help the customer with details of the ticket.

Now, with the message : "There are unused icons in your desktop" overlapping the fare details/breakdown, some of the questions arise:

* Is it a bug? How risky is it to ignore such messages?
* Is the purpose of the display served?
* If the overlapping of the message on the display is a bug, will you fix it?
* What if it is not fixed?
* Which tester will think of these kinds of tests?
* Do you wear the hat of a non-tester and say: Hmmm, there is a workaround. I'll not fix it.
* I do not know how to fix it.
* It might be a bug but it is a limitation of the technology. [Cannot fix]

Finally one question:

(Thanks to Ben Simo)

Please feel free to question, think, comment, argue and discuss :)

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