Thursday, January 9, 2014

Submitting a paper?

There are usually many paper submissions for a conference. How easy is it for your paper to be selected?
Check out the following tips. Hope they are of use to you - especially if this is your first time.

Abstract / Description
- Let it be as simple and crisp as possible.
- Do not copy paste or explain your company or context or a technology in detail unless it is a new idea. On some of the abstracts, I have seen a lot of details about some well known technology which could have been googled.
- Please get it reviewed by someone who has already presented a paper or presented in a conference.

Key Takeaways
This is one section which the audience is more interested in, specifically when they need to choose between sessions. Some not-so-good examples of Key Takeaways:
- XYZ Technology or Some terms in ABC Process
- X% improvement in some method

When submitting a paper, please test it.
- Will you as a reviewer, like it?
- Is it really necessary to give you a speaking slot?
- Is it something which needs you or can be found on Internet?

These are three questions which when answered might give you a clear picture of whether your paper is good for a conference submission.

Best wishes.

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