Saturday, January 15, 2022

Learn Testing in 20 days - Response turned to post

Thank you, all for the kind words.

This blog post is a comment turned to a blog post.

Original Post:

Are there useful resources in the collection?


Can it be better?


Do they need to be completed in 20 days?

Maybe not

Why did you put it as 20 days?

Thanks for asking. A short story...

When I saw the post Does this seem like a scam to anyone? Thinking of doing it in March and discussed with Rahul, we thought - we don't want to say yes/no to Codemify without knowing what they do.

Instead, what if we suggest Alexandrea Pacheco, materials (learning, practice) for 20 days (days left till March) and then let Alexandrea Pacheco decide what they want to do.

Can we complete any of the resources in 20 days?

20 days (20 * 24hrs :D - yes!

Again, completion is not THE end goal.

We all know testing is continuous learning, exploring, an information gathering activity. Here is the proof. Hours after that video was made, I had my hands on this book - Tech Simplified for PMs & Entrepreneurs by Deepak Singh

Such a brilliant book, I would recommend this book as the first book even before Explore It.

So, thank you all for your comments, suggestions, feedback. Much appreciated.

Will we talk about automation so early in their career?

My personal take: Not really. Introduce them to concepts and let them dive deep once they understand what we do, why we do and let them suggest if there can be tools to help us save time, energy and do at scale.


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