Friday, January 3, 2020

2019 - The Lovely Year.

  • Exposed to multiple new domains: healthcare, foodtech and fintech
  • Handled 10+ projects for the first time, each with its own challenges and learning
  • Multiple training sessions, learning activities and initiatives at work. Qapitol QA topped the GTR Leaderboard

  • Speaker at TestCon (Clavent), TestAway Shimla (The Test Tribe), Test Automation Day (1.21GWS ), Global Testing Retreat (Agile Testing Alliance), Test Leadership Congress (Test Masters Academy). 10+ workshops.
  • Tricentis Exploratory Tester of the Year
  • 2 articles in Top Ten Articles in StickyMinds 2019

    Looking Forward To: 
  • Qapitol QA - Delivery at Scale
  • Indian Test Leadership Conference (Aug 2020)
  • SoftwareTestingUniversity
  • New opportunities in 2020

    Thankful To:
  • Family, Friends, Mentors and the Testing Community
  • QAPITOL QA for a brilliant and challenging, learning work environment
  • Community Support

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