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Exploratory Testing: Hands-on Approach to Test Better

This workshop on Exploratory Testing is designed from the personal experience of attending and implementing learning from various courses and workshops like

  • Exploratory Testing sessions
  • Rapid Software Testing
  • Black Box Software Testing courses
  • Rapid Intensive Testing Live sessions

This course is open for any software tester and software testing teams who want to learn to articulate the thought process behind good testing. Through this course which focuses on hands-on approach to learning testing, it is not like any other course which dumps concepts into a tester’s mind. This course ensures that the participants engage in a fail-safe environment and practice in the session on how to solve the day-to-day problems. Combined with demo of the concepts, there will be enough exercises to exercise your brain and apply the learning from this workshop.

Who should attend this workshop?

  • Anyone who is involved in software testing
  • Software Testers
  • Team Leads
  • Software Developers interested in finding bugs in their code

Key Learning Opportunities:

  • How to test when there are unclear requirements
  • Find important bugs quicker
  • Be the idea generator of your team
  • How to deal with complexity, confusion and uncertainty
  • Build a good relationship with the programming team
  • Provide an on-demand test report

Course Outline:
  • Introduction
    • Understand the basis of good testing
    • Know the different stakeholders and their impact on testing
    • Why testers should get out of quality assurance business
    • The right approach to software testing (if there is one universally accepted)
  • Key Idea: Test Idea Generation
    • Use of Context Revealing Questionnaire
    • Usage of Heuristics and Mnemonics
    • Different sources of test ideas
    • How can tools help us in test idea generation
  • Key Idea: Leverage the power of mind maps
    • Introduction and benefits
    • How to use them in different stages of testing
    • How to use them to convey information better
  • Key Idea: Build your toolkit
    • Scout for quick and cheap tools
    • Make use of tools across the testing cycle
    • Know the right tools
  • Key Idea: Bug Hunting and Bug Advocacy
    • Find the right bugs
    • Understand heuristics and Oracles
    • Deal with intermittent bugs
    • Learn good bug reporting with highlights from BBST courses
  • Key Idea: Test Reporting
    • Common problems with test reporting
    • Impromptu reporting based on different contexts
    • Usage of dashboards
  • Key Idea: Sharpen your Testing Skills
    • Questioning, Observation and Inference
    • Practice your testing skills
    • Thinking – Critical and Creative
    • Bug hunting and investigation
  • Testing Exercises (distributed throughout the workshop)
    • Test idea generation and more heuristics
    • Generate mind maps for feature tour
    • Bug hunting and bug reporting sessions
    • Live demo of a testing session
    • Test reporting
  • Session Recap and Q&A
    • Recap of the key points
    • Session on the key problem faced by the team
    • Any other questions and answer

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