Saturday, March 15, 2014

Testing Strategy and Test Planning - My mindmap

I do not subscribe to any testing related blog feeds. Instead, I pay close attention to Joris Meets' twitter feed and check Ministry of Testing feed. Both of them do a great job of consolidating important testing related blogs/articles. While browsing through James post on Test Jumper, I liked what he wrote. It matched with my preferred style of working - help people identify traps, test with them and create an environment conducive to learning and improving testing skills.

There have been instances in my previous and the current organization where I am called upon to help a project which is going nowhere. Most of the times, they face one of the situations:

  • Important bugs being identified late
  • Testers on unplanned leave
  • Unstable product or need for better coverage
  • Inexperienced project team
  • Important project
I like such challenges. They seem to get the best out of me. I visualize this video and feel good at the additional responsibility given to me.

I started thinking of what gives me the confidence of taking up the role of a Test Jumper. Can I pass any checklist for someone to use and build on it? I launched XMind and here is the output. 
My Project Preparation
This is again a heuristic and not a final plan. It depends on the project, answers to the different questions and other factors like project, team, stakeholders, risks and deadline :) 


Unknown said...

Question for you if you don't mind.
I'm relatively new to the world of software testing, couple of years now, where I work I'm the only software tester, my focus is testing changes to internally used software.
I'm avidly reading more about testing, when i started i was bumbling about in the rather stilted world of ISTQB driven stuff, but I found a link to context driven testing, and have continued to learn more from there. However the projects I'm working on are driven by the stakeholders and PM wanting burn down charts of test cases executed. I'm trying to locate info on what I can share for testing progress with a more rapid testing approach? any help on this would be gratefully received.

Ajay Balamurugadas said...

Can we discuss on Skype? My Skype ID is 'ajay184f'.