Wednesday, August 1, 2018

What Next? Aug-Sep?

Few things are lined up for this year and will keep me busy! Hope to see you there :)

Aug 15: Bangalore: Workshop
This is the first time I am doing a workshop with Jyothi Rangaiah and I am excited about this collaboration.

If you want to experience two passionate testers help you solve problems, attend our workshop - Problem Solving: A Hands-On Workshop

Just let me know if you need a discount.

Aug 30, 31: Bangalore: STeP-IN SUMMIT 2018

I will be there. It would be interesting to learn about the next wave of technology and the impact on software testing in general. Loads of activities - talks, panel discussion, testautothon, some games and good opportunity to confer!


Sep 8th: Bangalore: Workshop with The Test Tribe community
The details will be updated soon. I have promised to conduct one workshop with them. Join the community and experience the #AskTribe #TestingHours and loads of community activities that are practical, engaging and thought provoking.

Sep 27, 28: Pune: Global Testing Retreat

Sshhh: I am going to launch my new book in this conference.

On 28th Sep, I have a workshop - Problem Solving Techniques for the New Leaders/Managers

Exciting times ahead. More news to be updated soon :)