Friday, August 3, 2012

Powercut for 15 minutes

Power cut for 15 minutes

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August batch of online course on "Software Testing Skills"

Its time for the third batch to start. Third batch of my course - "Software Testing Skills".

What this course is about:
The rough outline would be

1. Building a Feature Map
3. Information gathering through Application 
4. Effective bug hunting, investigation and reporting
5. Preparing a Test Report

I am open to changes based on the testers' skills and experience.

Is there any mailing list where I can see artifacts by students of previous classes?

Every monday, wednesday and friday starting from August 06th till August 31st

10 pm IST to 11.15 pm IST (4.30 pm GMT to  5.45 pm GMT)

It costs only your time. There is NO FEES.

The sessions are over Skype chat only. No calls.

Email me ( with the subject: "AjAug2012" and provide your Skype ID in the body of the email. I would appreciate if you would add me on Skype too.

What will I learn? Can you tell me more about how will the experience be?
I will let the students who attended comment on this post.

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