Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mind maps at STeP-IN Summit 2013. See you there.

One of the highlights of participating in Weekend Testing sessions is that you get to see others test, their test reports and thought process to an extent. When I participated in sessions conducted by Europe chapter of Weekend Testing, I noticed that few test reports were in the form of mind maps. Darren McMillan was excellent in reporting with the help of mind maps. When I asked him to help me with mind maps, he wrote this beautiful blog post which soon became the go-to post for mind maps. I myself would have referenced this over thirty times.

Over the last two years, I have practiced and used mind maps to collect all sorts of information.
Starting from test ideas to book draft to bug investigation, I have gained a lot by using mind maps. I have also conducted workshops at Hyderabad and Chennai on usage of mind maps in testing. It was well-received. So when STeP-IN agreed to my topic of mind maps, I was happy. I see this as an opportunity to help more testers realize the power of mind maps and save a lot of valuable testing time.

Do attend STeP-IN Summit 2013?


I am presenting on mind maps on June 18th and there are other valuable presentations and workshops too. Hope to see you there. An overview of my presentation can be found here.

Any questions, feel free to ping me.

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