Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Part 1: Shout-out to TAU, BBST


This is a shout-out to Test Automation University and the Learning Paths. While there are many courses, trainers on YouTube on automation, this one I loved the most.

The next one is the evergreen BBST (Black Box Software Testing). This one helps you get the fundamentals right and the references, additional reading - all of them have value. Is it outdated - NOT really.

If you have not visited TAU or BBST websites till now, do check them out. If you have better alternatives, do suggest. I will be happy to learn. Hope to add more such learning opportunities in the coming weeks.


Eward said...

Already visit BBST, it is a set of courses designed to improve the skills and knowledge of software testing professionals. These courses are designed to be intensive and address advanced topics in the field of testing.


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