Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thank you 2012. Welcome 2013

2012 is almost over. This year has been a very good year for me. I want to highlight five good things from my 2012 experiences.

Two more books in What If... series.
When I wrote my first book, I did not realize that I could write three more. The first book took more than three months for me to complete. The response by the readers and testing community gave me the confidence to complete each of the next three books in three days each. I have testers emails and chat messages thanking me for the book. It was well received. Thanks to the readers, I plan to write more and not restrict to just two books per year.

If you have not bought my books yet, here is the post with the details:

I joined Fiberlink
Everyone keeps changing companies. I did after five years and six months of working at efi. There was no formal interview conducted. They liked my work, called for a chat and offered me the job. I was very impressed when I saw that they were using cheatsheet by Elisabeth Hendrickson. I could sense the passion they had towards exploratory testing and they were talking about exploratory testing. I knew that it would be fun working with them as they seemed to be passionate about software testing.

Its been eleven months and I am still enjoying. I got the Best New Joinee award and every day teaches me something cool.

Online training on software testing through Skype
I started training over Skype and there was a good response. I met many testers online. And some of them are really good. After completing four batches, I think that I should continue this exercise in 2013 as well. I do train testers on a 1-1 basis. If you are interested, ping me.

Workshop on software testing
Once I conducted the online training, I realized that I can do it onsite too. Thanks to Chennai Bug debug and Hyderabad testers meet, I conducted a one day workshop at Chennai & Hyderabad. Testers liked the presentation style and the content. I learnt a lot about conducting courses.

RTI event
I went to Rapid Testing Intensive event at Orcas Island for a week. The most hectic course I have attended after BBST and the best place I have visited till now. A superb combo. I can safely say that I have restarted my journey as a software tester after attending this course.

With the five points listed above, I end the year 2012 on a very happy note.
I look forward to 2013.

I did not have many expectations when I started 2012. Its the same with 2013. I am prepared. Let's see what's in store!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Release of my 4th book on software testing

I have released a book each on my mother's birthday followed by my sister's birthday and my birthday. Obviously, my father was feeling left out and I am releasing a book on his birthday. This is my fourth book on software testing.

Book 1: What If... A question every software tester must ask.

When I logged my first bug, I thought – ‘What if’ this bug was found after release? Years passed, many products were released, and I gained a lot of varied experiences.  I made a few embarrassing mistakes too. There were few instances where I wished that someone had warned me beforehand. So, I started preparing a book of tips targeted at software testers. Special care has been taken to keep each of the 22 chapters short and to the point. Emphasis is on ready-to-use tips which would give you instant results.

Book 2: What If... 50+ tips to win testing contests. 

This book is a collection of tips which might help any tester competing in a testing contest. Testers are under tremendous time pressure and the competition is tough. Skilled testers have a better chance of winning the contests. After participating in a number of testing contests, I realized that it is easy to win any contest if you dedicate some time and demonstrate the right skills. In this book, I have tried to highlight few points which will improve your chances of winning the testing contest.

Book 3: What If... 50+ tips to boost your productivity.

This book is a small collection of tips, tricks and list of tools to help boost your productivity. This is entirely based on my experiences in software testing as well as using computer. Internet is so powerful. A simple Google search will yield you so many search results. Google for “Screen Capture Tools” and you will find a minimum of ten tools in the first page itself. Which one do you choose? Do you have the time to try each one of them? What about Windows command prompts? There seems to be more than fifty commands. Which one is useful for us, especially for a software tester?

Book 4: What If... 50+ tips to improve tester-programmer relationship

This book brings into picture a very important person - the programmer & the programming team. Each one of us might have the experience of working with at least one tough programmer. Some programmers are very friendly and help us with finding bugs. Some of them are very strict with their deliverables and do not respond to any queries outside office hours. Some hardly talk to you unless you ask them a question. There are different types of programmers and bring in variety to our testing challenges. As I write this book, I have completed over six years of software testing and interacting with multiple programmers across different projects within and outside the company. With a rich experience of working with tough programmers, I write this book to help you.

My special thanks to my family members (for having a gap between the birthdays), my friends for accepting me as I am, my friends on twitter, facebook who keep encouraging my work, the programmers who keep challenging me, those who bought my first three books, those who provided me feedback and those who continue to believe in me :)
And of course, my love and thanks to my father who continues to encourage me in everything I do.

How to buy the books:
Download from

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


:) The Moment...

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012 conference

Dec 05th 2012
Thanks to the organizers and the team behind this event.

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