Sunday, October 28, 2012

Flipkart Testing @ Hyderabad - Session Results

At the end of Session 1 & Session 2, we preapred two mindmaps about the product & the testing plan.
The corkboard image is also put up below.
Thanks to Anurag & Raghavendra.

Consider this for testing
What to test

Testing Notes


Monirul Islam said...

I've learned few things from this post:
1. Corkboard
2. Categorising maps (what to test, testing guidelines)

Questions from your notes:
1. What is Sev 1, Sev 2, Sev 3?
2. Under that "questions:", most of them are not questions. intensionally or mistakenly?

Ajay Balamurugadas said...

Thanks for the comment Monirul. Hope you are doing good.

To answer your questions,
Sev 1,2,3 = Severity 1,2,3 bugs.

We started with a section for questions, put few questions and got few improvements for Corkboard. To save space, we put it under Questions itself...