Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oct Batch - Online Hands on Testing Training

The first batch started in the month of April. It was well-received and you can find the comments here.
Encouraged by the participants, I conducted the second & third batches too. I have learnt a lot from the three batches, the participants, the drop-outs, the assignments, the emails and the feedback. Few of them attended all three :) Thanks. While I conducted three batches, I also attended the online 'Power Searching With Google' course.

To complement the online course, I have started conducting onsite courses on Software Testing with Exploratory Testing as the main theme. The Chennai workshop was a first time experience of conducting a full day workshop. So, I am back after a month's break. Some of you were asking me about the fourth batch and here is your chance.

Course Contents:

  • Mind maps - Introduction, Creation, Different types, Tools, Tips, Collaborative mind map.
  • Testing Session - Bugs and Oracles, Mnemonics, Heuristics, Tips, Intermittent bugs.
  • Tools - Screen Capture, Screen Recording, Note-taking, Shortcuts, tips to improve productivity.

What is different in fourth batch course content?
I have slightly modified the content and will be covering few topics in detail. This course will be slow and detail-oriented. I want to answer more questions in this course compared to the previous three batches.

How do I join?
Ping me on Skype [ajay184f is my Skype ID] and let me know that you are interested to attend the fourth batch of my hands on training on software testing.

Date & Time?
Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday starting October 10th till Nov 2nd.
Time: 10 pm IST to 11.15 pm IST
Cost: Its Free. I need your active participation, nothing more.

Any questions?
If you want me to conduct an onsite training in your city, email me [ ]

Lets meet, test and share what we know :)


Anonymous said...


i miss this session. only today one of my friend recommend told me about this. when will be the next session i want to join.

Ajay Balamurugadas said...

Next session will be in Jan.