Thursday, November 1, 2012

Workshop at Hyderabad - Done!

I conducted a one day workshop on Nov 27th at Microsoft India Development Center (MSIDC), Hyderabad. Close to twenty five testers attended the workshop.


  • Microsoft campus
I heard from one of the testers that he wanted to attend this workshop as he would get a chance to step into Microsoft campus. The conference room and the arrangements were almost perfect. Right from seating arrangements to projector, whiteboard, the two HUGE screens, lunch to the general ambience of the entire campus. 

When I came in with Raghavendra, I had the printout with list of attendees. I never thought that my name was to be included in the list as well. The security did not allow me inside as my name was not present on the attendees' list. Even though I told them that I am the speaker, they made sure that only when Raj Kamal - who works at Microsoft - came & explained the situation, they let me in. I am not blaming the security. They did the perfect job according to what is expected of them. I wanted to highlight the funny experience and the connection with software testing where you can have many aspects covered and yet leave the most important one untested.
  • Presentation on Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) tool
The first one hour, we had a presentation on how one of the Microsoft teams uses Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) tool and how it can be used for Exploratory Testing. I liked how the tool attached all the logs to the bug report. I did not like the concept of creating a test case for a bug. And if your company can buy the license, go ahead and use it. If you think its costly, there is Rapid Reporter, free screen recording software, Texter,, run > dxdiag to help your purpose.

As I have never used the tool, I cannot comment much about the tool.
  • First mindmaps
Many had heard about mindmaps but very few  had used it for software testing. Some of them were totally new to mindmaps and I could feel the joy and satisfaction when they told - "Today, I created my first mindmap". This is exactly the moment I cherish for a long time. Many people have helped me get started on many things. I am doing my bit to get few more people get started. How they fare after they start is totally in their hands.
  • Feedback for me
I like when people tell me where I can improve. I got feedback on the structure of the workshop, the duration of the workshop. I accept them and have already started working on them. I will try my best to bring in some more structure to the latter half of the workshop.
  • Check-out comments

Everyone had good things to say about the workshop. This is exactly the reason why I give them a blank notebook so that they can give their feedback in private. At the end of the workshop, each of the testers told me how they felt that their time was not wasted even though it was a saturday. One of them missed a movie and still did not feel bad :)

Thanks to the Hyderabad testers. My only suggestion is that if you are not sure of attending, don't block seats and prevents others from taking part.

If you want me to conduct a hands-on workshop in your city, email me [] Till next time, Thank you.
Thank you Hyderabad

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SUDHAMSHU....... said...

I came to know that it went very well. One of the tester who attended your workshop pinged me and said "I am preparing Mindmaps for my product" , he loved the way you taught.

Thanks Ajay, it was not my day so I missed your workshop.