Thursday, January 20, 2011

Developer & Tester on a Bug.

D - Developer
T- Tester

I have removed few confidential words about product/process. Other than that, this is a real conversation between a tester and a developer. Comments are welcome.


MaikNog said...

Hi Ajay,
respect for posting that little snippet.

It looks like some "conversation" in our TFS (bug tracking) system as well. :-)

I try to keep it "neutral" in my wording and description.
Sometimes its hard and my blood pressure goes up.
I go and have a coffee and calm myself.

Especially words like "miracle" etc. tend to have a sarcastic undertone; especially in writing, where face-to-face mimic can't be seen.

Depends on the relation with the Dev, I assume.

Other than that, I still can't interprete, if there was a real fix or if just the status was changed to "fixed". :-)

Brings back memory of the twitter discussion "What are the reasons dev say its fixed, when it is not?" (or similiar).


SzaLaci said...

Face-to-face communication allows (re)solving problems like this in most of the cases. Do you have a chance for that?
If not, why?

Ajay Balamurugadas said...

@Maik: Thanks for commenting. I have two concerns with such comments on bug tracker.

1. The problem can be solved in private easily.
2. They don't seem to care that this can be tracked & their reputation is affected.

My question to them is: Are they aware that this is not a private chat?
Yes, and relation with dev matters.

Great point. We do have face to face communication option & that makes me think even more. Even where is such an option, why are they using such a public platform? If they have a problem between them, there are other ways to solve it than to go public this way :)