Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Have you still not tried www.testersdesk.com ? You are missing something very valuable!!!

My Experience with www.testersdesk.com

This is an article to highlight the importance of TestersDesk in my test data generation activity. As a tester, I have to generate a lot of test data and also take care of the Pesticide Paradox.

One of the most useful tool irrespective of the type of application I test is :
Quantified String Generator:
I use it quite often to check the boundary conditions of most of the fields in the application. This way the consistency within the application is checked for. I am able to hit the Critical Condition of most of my defects using the Quantified String Generator.

Apart from the commonly used string generators, I also use ‘Test Data Generation Toolkit’ regularly.

Each of the tools in the toolkit: ‘Size based File Generator’ , ‘Password Test Generator’, ‘Person Name Generator’, ‘Email address generator’, ‘Date-Time Stamp generator’ and Finally ‘OS Information Scripts’ has its own importance.

There was a time when we were struggling and wasting a lot of time generating the test data.
Also, we were pretty sure that the test data is very limited. Pesticide Paradox was also creeping up.

But once TestersDesk has come up with such a wonderful initiative for test data generation, we are having a lot of fun using the test data and increasing our testing efficiency.
With TestersDesk, test data generation takes less than two minutes.

I happily recommend TestersDesk to every tester and I can say with full confidence that TestersDesk will save your time, increase your testing efficiency and is easy to use. With the seed value feature, you can be sure that the same test data is being used.

If you do need a different set, changing the seed value would do the trick.

Thank you TestersDesk. We look forward to more such useful features.


Virtualkey said...

Hi Ajay,

Nice to see you sharing your experiences with testersdesk in your blog.

I hope you are exploring different ways how each feature of testersdesk can be leveraged,in the process of achieving test productivity and having fun while testing ofcourse...

Happy Testdesking !


annuhyd said...

Nice to see your posting about testersdesk.com

It's an Essential Tool Box for Software Testers.
I can say just

Best way to simplify your testing

Bhagawati Manukonda said...

Hi Ajay,

I have also used the tookit at testersdesk.com and experienced more test coverage and less execution time.

Thanks for your post,

Anoop.S said...

Any idea what happened to testersdesk.com?

Uma said...

Any idea what happened to testersdesk.com?