Monday, May 30, 2022

The fundamentals have gone for a toss

 25 Fundamental Mantras for Good Testing

  1. Why are you testing - Know it
  2. Ask it if you don't know it
  3. Confirm it if you are not sure about it
  4. Test it out before believing anything
  5. Listen to everyone but you take the final decision
  6. Save as soon as you see it
  7. Try for Autosave wherever possible
  8. Take backups
  9. Pay attention to the Context
  10. Pincode can have letters, names can have special characters. Study the domain well
  11. Document well, read documentation well
  12. Write clearly, Think deeply, Read widely
  13. Use tools wherever it helps
  14. Know limitation of tools
  15. Have a large network of friends and fieldstones
  16. Learn to connect the dots across fields
  17. If you can model well, you can test well
  18. Know mnemonics and heuristics
  19. Pay attention to keywords - always, never, must, should, obvious
  20. Learn Safety Language
  21. Keep collecting fieldstones
  22. Start recording and then testing. Never waste time unless it is part of a test
  23. There is no one good way of testing. 
  24. Testers can get bored easily if you keep doing mundane stuff. Add variety to your questions, ideas, routines.
  25. There is already a lot of work done by the community. Learn to search well.
  26. Organize well.


Anonymous said...

Such a good set of mantras. Need to be printout and revisit on daily basis.

Unknown said...

This issue is curated as a part of #58th Issue of Software Testing Notes Newsletter.

Anonymous said...

Can you please describe this statement "If you can model well, you can test well"? -Soma

Mithilesh Singh said...

@Soma: Simple answer to your question is if you are giving the effort to create a good testing model with good product understanding, knowing about corner cases, tools that can help reduce your effort, and taking care of a few other points mentioned by Ajay here. you can test well because our testing would be based on what we modeled.

Anonymous said...

Very nicely articulated

Steve said...

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