Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Tribal Qonf: Reason #1 to attend the conference

I am so excited about the 2 days virtual conference organized by The Test Tribe community.
When I think about it, it is natural for me to be so excited considering Mahesh (Founder of The Test Tribe) and I discuss every other day on how to help testers and help them see the power of the existing testing community. 

For someone who is not aware of The Test Tribe community and The Tribal Qonf, I thought I will share few pointers on why this is a must-attend event for any software tester.

Speakers: One of the best lineups you will ever see! Check it out yourself.

James Bach

When I started my testing career, I wanted to be a testing expert and searched in Google - "How to be a testing expert". To my surprise, there was already a video - Becoming a Software Testing Expert by James Bach. That video played a very important role in how I started focusing on testing skills. I am in constant touch with him and learning with every interaction.

His website - www.satisfice.com will definitely satisfy your hunger for testing.
Heuristic Test Strategy Model is my favorite article. There are many more.

Heuristic Test Strategy Model

Ashok Thiruvengadam

From the time I got introduced to Shrini Kulkarni (https://shrinik.blogspot.com), he always referred Ashok as a sharp thinker and his teacher. I attended the Hypothesis Based Testing workshop by Ashok. Shrini was right. Humility and Knowledge - I saw reside within the same person.

Also, his articles on testing give a different perspective on the same topic.
I loved this mind map by him https://smartqa.org/blog/50-software-testing-terms-that-are-most-often-abused/

50+ most often abused terms

Michael Bolton

I first met Michael Bolton in his Rapid Software Testing for Managers workshop. I paid my one month's salary for 2 days workshop. And the rewards were mindblowing. The lessons from the workshop helped me with opportunity after opportunity.

His twitter bio reads:
"I solve testing problems that other people can't solve, and I teach people how they can do it too."
I agree with that statement. I remember one incident where I pinged him for his 30 minutes time as I was struggling with self-doubt and negativity. He listened patiently, gave me actionable ideas, and inspired me to kickstart my career again. 

Pradeep Soundararajan

The world loves him and his talks are always houseful. The first testing workshop I attended was his workshop and he introduced me to the Context-Driven school of software testing and thinking. He was the one who introduced me to James, Michael, Cem, and many other expert testers. In the first BWST (Bangalore Workshop on Software Testing) - a peer workshop, I met Shrini Kulkarni, Rahul Verma, Rahul Mirakhur, Manoj Nair, Santhosh Tuppad, Ravisuriya and other testers who were so passionate to share their stories. 

BWST1 Participants
His book - Buddha in Testing is a hit with many testers. 

Anna Royzman
I met her first in Agile Testing Days, Berlin and then in CAST. I used to ping her on Skype when I started leading teams and her advice helped me. She then invited me to Test Leadership Congress. I was amazed by the community feeling I felt during a conference and most of the participants are still in touch with each other. 

We both along with Praveen Daga are bringing the same conference to India with a small twist. Stay tuned :)

Rahul Verma

I would like to use my testimonial to describe him
Clear thinking, excellent articulation, thorough research, superb oratorical skills are some of the qualities one could learn from Rahul Verma. His blog posts, workshops and talks have been inspirational to many and I am one of them. He is a great role model for many testers. His usage of mind maps in workshops to demonstrate complex points and his efforts behind the hands-on exercises is commendable. Given a topic to learn, you could be sure that he would start from basics and move on to the most advanced. You can question him and he would not feel bad. He would listen to you and answer your questions to your satisfaction.

I have covered just 1/3rd of the speakers till now. 

If you are asking me, how to purchase tickets for this conference, this is the link: https://www.townscript.com/e/tribal-qonf-2020-a-virtual-conference-by-the-test-tribe-431224

I also have a small discount coupon for you - TTTQONF1 

and if you are buying more than three tickets and don't want to fill all details in the townscript form, contact me at ajay184f at gmail

See you at the conference and stay tuned for more reasons why one should attend TRIBAL QONF!