Friday, January 25, 2019

Call for Speakers from STeP-IN Forum and First meetup of the year

Meetup Details

The first meetup of STeP-IN Forum was successfully conducted on 20th January at Verity Training office and was attended by 10+ testers. For the first meetup, we had picked the theme of testers' role in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and data Science.

Interesting discussions revolved around the future of mundane jobs, the history of ML algorithms, what each participant felt about AI, the skills required to get started on these fields and how to apply them in software testing. We also discussed about the repercussions of these and how they have started affecting us in a negative way to some extent or the other.

Is it beneficial or harmful - definitely upto how we apply them in our lives.

As testers, what is our role? Continue to be critical thinkers, point out the loopholes and finally bring in the human/social impact in all our decisions.

Machines and algorithms will amplify what is fed. What needs to be fed should be a humane decision.

We did not realise how time flew and we were at the end of the meetup and we wrapped it up with a photograph and exchanging contact details. A happy meetup for sure!

Looking forward to the next month's meetup with a similar interesting topic and more participants.

Meetup Participants
And it is that time for year when you can put on your thinking caps and submit your thoughts for the most awaited conference in India running across cities - the STePINSUMMIT and the city specific conferences - DSTC (Delhi), HSTC (Hyderabad) and PSTC (Pune).

The call for speakers is open and early bird tickets are available as well. The two days would be worth it considering the diversity and expertise of the speakers, the audience interaction and the sponsor booths where you can learn from the companies first hand how they can solve your problems. In our day to day work, we are so close to the problems that we may not get the spark or a different perspective to solve it. Listening to the speakers from different organizations, interacting with them, making new connections, meeting friends again, participating in multiple contests would be a great experience. The value one would get out of the two days would be very high compared to the early bird costs of the two day conference.

Think about it, buy the early bird tickets and immerse yourself deep in software testing over the two days. Book your calendar and let us meet there!

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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.