Sunday, June 12, 2016

One decision you will not regret as a software tester!!!

It is Dec 6th 2016. You are getting congratulatory messages on your email, mobile, Facebook, Twitter. You are getting calls from your friends and well-wishers. You are indeed very happy and thanking your team members. Your hard work has finally paid off and you are now a superstar known to many more testers in this world. How would you feel if this was true! Think about it.

While you think about it, let me introduce you to a wonderful opportunity that will test you, challenge you, make you work smart, make you think, work better with team-mates, plan better, manage time well, prioritize better, investigate well, ask better questions, analyze quickly.

Why should you participate in Software Testing World Cup

Many work, some are super smart, some excel but very few shine on the world stage. STWC is the stage for you to shine.

Test yourself
You might have lots of experience testing in your company but don’t you want to test yourself to find out where you stand on the world stage? Can you prove that you are the best in the competition? If not at the world stage, at least in the continent? Imagine the happiness you get when you get to know that you are in the top 3 of the continent/world.

Excellent Learning Opportunity
How do you test? How is your competitor different from you? Which tools did they use? What test ideas you missed? You can get answers to all these questions in such contests!

Make new friends
Are you aware that there are close to 250 teams that register per continent! And each team has 4 members. Think about how many friends can you make, how many testers you can talk to, collaborate with. They could be your next team members or you can meet them and discuss about common interests.

Big Prize Money
Did you know that the winners would get close to 3000 Euros? Your investment is just 40 Euros. One spends that amount every day for random reasons. Spend it on your learning. Here is the secret: Many of the teams have never participated in such contests. If you can just show up and put in a decent effort, you can win that BIG money!

Check out the winners from last edition:
All the best for your chance. When I and my friends participated in STWC, we came 5th in Asia :)

Here is your link to register!!!