Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The joy of bug hunting

A short post on what happened yesterday in office:
I and my friend Sanket Gagneja were involved in a paired testing session. We had two mobile devices with us. One of the devices had the app which acted as the oracle and the other had the test app.
I was keen on using the test app as I was new to this app. Sanket was testing this app since few days.
He was the note taker and would answer my questions.

I tapped on an icon, typed "test3" and tapped another icon. There appeared a popup with some text. I was reading in my mind and told to Sanket this line "Your development team has really done a good job" and then THE APP CRASHED.

We both looked at each other for a second and emailed the logs. I tried to replicate the issue and once the popup appeared, the app did NOT crash. I immediately pressed another button.

Sanket took over the device and tried the steps. Then, Sanket did something which made me very happy. He not only repeated the steps but went ahead and told the line "Your development team has really done a good job" and THE APP CRASHED.

He was smart enough to not get diverted and actually remembered the exact sentence and repeated it. It is not about remembering the exact sentence. It is more about being aware of what happened, what's happening and is this what is called as "Situational Awareness"?

PS: The app seemed to crash after 10 seconds of inactivity once the popup appeared and we took 10 secs on average to say that sentence.


Srinivas Kadiyala said...

Doubt: How to send the log file of the app crashed?

Nice, Thanks - I thought as joke, when said "Your development team has really done a good job".