Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2 day testing vacation at Hyderabad

I left Bangalore on 1st Feb on a 2-day trip to Hyderabad. The purpose of the visit was to interact with my Hyderabadi tester friends and also take a break. Anurag Raghuvanshi received me at the Kacheguda station. The train was delayed by half an hour. We took the MMTC train to Hi-Tech city.

Anurag & myself discussed about various testing challenges including

  • building awareness about testing 
  • continuous learning 
  • relationship with programmers especially when they are not in the same time zone
  • counting bugs
Then we freshened up, had our breakfast and started with a testing session. Anurag wanted us to test Junglee. Last time, we had tested Flipkart. So, we set a charter to test just the Search bar on Junglee.

Junglee Search Bar
The session was restricted to 15 minutes. I created a mindmap and screen recorded my session.
Test Ideas
Then we had a pretty long de-brief. It was a two hour long de-brief where we discussed the following:

  • Why did I record the session
  • How to use Comparable Products heuristic
  • What was the test idea behind using script tag attack
  • Special cases discovered in the session
  • Persistent XSS Attack
  • Http codes
  • Difference between and .net
We went for lunch - Hot butter rotis and lots of paneer. Later we sat down for another testing session. I was happy with the Wi-fi speed and checked the speed on SpeedTest. It was more than 2Mbps.
He downloaded the application PNotes and I asked him to highlight his test strategy.
Then, we created a map for Project Planning template.
Plan for a new project
After reviewing Anurag's work, I gave him the next task to discover what the files .aff and .dic stood for.
I showed him the power of search terms to gather more information about the files. It was time for a break.

We enjoyed few hot Jalebis, parathas and then headed for Skype Coaching session from 10pm IST.
I had asked folks to create a mindmap and get used to the tool. 

Day 2, we had guests to the room. Sudhamshu, Abhinav and Balaji.
We discussed the Web Testing Heuristics mindmap. We got to know of the following:
  • Xenu link checker
  • Firefox addon - Extended Status bar
  • Charles
  • Article on Cookies
We stopped and then had Hyderabad Biryani for lunch. Balaji came after Abhinav and Sudhamshu left for the day. We went through my article on New Year Resolutions for a tester.
Balaji highlighted his experiences of RST workshop with James Bach. He tried 1-2 exercises on us and also told why he was so impressed by Rahul Verma's words. We discussed about why reputation and credibility is so important for a software tester.

Then, it was time for Weekend Testing session. The report can be read here.
When I thought that it was leave Hyderabad, I met Bikash who turned out to be a passionate mobile apps tester. We had a good discussion on the tools we use and the challenges we face.

All in all, it was a great two day trip to Hyderabad. My special thanks to Anurag for hosting me.

If you want me to coach you personally or conduct a session in your city, feel free to drop me an email at AJAY184F AT GMAIL DOT COM


Smita Mishra said...

You wrote this so beautifully that you made me miss the sessions. I mean what more can a tester ask for - passionate fellow testers to talk about testing the whole day and Jalebis n Hyderabadi Biryani!! wow!!
I enjoyed reading the blog so much , I am sure you and your frens had some really great conversations. Thanks for sharing.

All the best!!

Unknown said...

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