Saturday, January 5, 2013

Guess this Quick Test


Mohan Raj Rajendran said...

What you are expecting in Guess this Quick Test.

I tried and get these words at last:

Be Creative
Every Day

Monirul Islam said...

That's a creative way to tell others to be creative. Without patience one couldn't be creative that I have learned from his test.

After passing few minutes I really couldn't understand what is this. I was about to leave. If I would leave in that situation I wouldn't get this message at the end. I tried to draw a stick man as the one you showed, a simple dot, a box, a circle, 4 dots in 4 corner, small vs. big stick man etc. In some cases I got it fails to go to next step. But overall it's a nice idea.

QA Tester said...

I tried it and learnt to be calm & attentive and understood that even this sought can be a good exercise to brain.