Thursday, July 26, 2012

Does every post need a title?

A quick recap of the last 15 mins of my life...
I am very lazy and do only the things which I like. Though I wanted to read about eBay motors, I switched over to twitter instead and saw this tweet.
Useful Info
I clicked on the link and I watched the complete video

At 1:50 - 1:55 of the video timeline, I noticed a typo.
I practiced my test framing skills by adding a comment. I am not sure if its framing a test but I will get to know soon.

At the end of the video, I got to know about the tool -

So, I signed up for the tool.

See, how I spend my time. When people ask me, how do you know so many things? I reply that the more I learn, I more I get to know of my ignorance. But I can't be complaining. Think of it as a cycle or a scale.
At one end is ignorance and the other one is about knowledge. Just that the scale keeps expanding at both ends. I am afraid that we might lose out on important stuff with so limited time we have. So, I spend most of the time I am awake learning stuff which I feel will help me one day.

Why did I write this post?
I wanted to share how I spend time learning and how I am aware of what I do. Any experience is a learning experience if you can turn it into one.

And when I wanted to insert the picture of the tweet, I learnt about a new stuff which I kind of missed all these days.

Time for some tester games at RTI. And I thought, I will sleep for some time before it ;)
Well, see you after the games...


@alientester said...

Great that you saw this video. See also as addition to it ;o)