Saturday, August 20, 2011

I am in love with you!

Lost in your steps - I realized the severity, tried hard to reproduce but you were developed by someone else. What could I do?

I cannot remove you from my memory, you have been saved as a known issue. Just wondering if I should let her know about you because she is very tough on those who bug me... I want you back in my life... I want you to get fixed and come clean to me...

I searched for you in my entire system but you hid so well... I cried & cried, fought for you in the bug triage, went back to my old system to retrace our sweet memories but no use... You taught me the value of patience and observation. I stayed awake whole night waiting for the one call, one message but your new partner took away all your attention. I am a stranger to you now...

Remember the first time I saw you, the first screenshot I took, the first letter I wrote to your developer?
Why me dear? Why me???? Come back please!

I'm sorry dear. I should not have shouted in front of everyone. I realize that mistakes happen by everybody. Next time, I will not stress your system, I will not make you run so fast, I will give enough memory, enough hard disk, but give me just one more chance!

I can't spend my weekend without you. If you want, I am ok to meet all your relatives. I am spending time reading our old conversation logs, the tickets we bought together,,, please onde ondu salla plz (Please Only chance please).

thank you so much friends. She came back to me this morning. Her developer fixed her thoughts on me & made me understand the importance of Dev relations. She is going to introduce me to her relatives today. Nervous & excited at the same time. Its going to be a great weekend! :)


SUDHAMSHU....... said...


It is not the time to love - it is the time to marry :)

Perceptibly, I feel that every tester loves to stumble on bugs.

Awe-inspiring post mate.....

Warm Regards,
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Shiva Mathivanan said...

Funny, yet good one!