Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WeekendTesting & its benefits to a fresher

Q: I am a fresher. I want to improve my testing skills. How will Weekend Testing help me?
A: Welcome to Weekend Testing (WT). I am happy for you for two reasons:
You are aware of WT & WT is one of the good platforms to improve your knowledge.

Let me highlight some of the ways WT can benefit you:

1. An excellent platform to test your skills.
WT has this brilliant idea of coming with a unique mission every session. Though there are chapters in India, Europe, Australia-New Zealand, Americas and European WeekNight Testing as of today, every chapter makes sure that no mission-product combination is repeated. Every session is a totally different experience and what's cool is you are free to participate in any of the sessions - No chapter restrictions.

1. Varied experience
If you have no experience of working in any organization, I cannot think of any other easy way to face such a diverse set of products & missions. Just imagine, after every weekend you would have tested 2-3 products and at least one would interest you to explore more. Last week, I learnt about Rapid Reporter, Text2MindMap and Process Monitor. Worst case, you might learn about 1 tool every weekend. Isn't that cool? Different tools, different experience added to your ammunition list.

1. Excellent repository of experience reports
If you are not satisfied by the sessions and want more, the WT website - must act as a huge repository of excellent experience reports. We are open for scrutiny. You can go through each report, chat transcript at your own pace and ask us questions. We are ready to help you. You might have an idea which no one of us thought of. We are waiting to hear that idea.
WT is all about Test, Learn and Contribute.

1. Cost Vs Value
We ask for two hours of your time and nothing else. Two hours of pure learning, interactions with other testers, new products, new friends, new test ideas. Think about the value you get for just two hours of investment. Cost Vs Value. WT is aware that you are dedicating your valuable time and hence tries its best to give you a learning platform. Make use of it.

1. Be part of the community
Join us on twitter, create your own blog, add us on Gmail, Skype. Lets talk. So many WT sessions are discussed even after the sessions on different forums, blogs and on twitter. Take part in those discussions. You might learn something new. Build your reputation, demonstrate your testing skills and be part of the testing community. Your next organization's QA lead might be someone whom you paired with in a weekendtesting session!

Looking forward to your participation in weekendtesting sessions.


vamshi said...

This blog post inspired me. I heard a lot and checked the chat transcripts in weekend testing. I am going to participate in WT and start my blog

Ajay Balamurugadas said...

Thanks Vamshi. Ready to help you help yourself.