Monday, August 9, 2010

Mobile Blogger :)

My new mobile:

I like to use my mobile more as a computer than a mobile. I always wanted to buy a mobile which would help me check emails, browse sites, watch videos, tweet, skype, chat and be connected to the online world. Having an unlimited internet connection on my mobile definitely helps. So, after losing my last mobile, I bought myself a Nokia E63.

Everyday learning:

So, with a new tool and loads of excitement, I started learning about the various features. I made quite a few mistakes, few factory resets, lots of installations and configurations. I started with installing Skype, Snaptu, ebuddy, Screensnap (an application to capture screenshot on mobile),,, the list just goes on.

Surprise Application:

Today when I was accessing a website, I observed an ad which read: Download OperaMini 4.1 (Customized for Vodafone services). I downloaded and on installation, I observed an icon which looked familiar - 'Blogger'.

And this is the first blogpost from my mobile. I hope to blog more frequently from my mobile. Meet you soon with yet another blogpost describing my experience.


Parimala Shankaraiah said...


I bought the same mobile and this post comes handy ;)


joomla development companies said...

Even me too. I love my mobile more than computer. And thanks for sharing this opportunity to leave a comment.