Sunday, May 2, 2010

WTANZ02 - An interesting session :)

WTANZ - Weekend Testing Australia and New Zealand Chapter had their second session on
2nd May 12pm IST.

Date: 02nd May 2010
Time: 12pm - 2pm IST

I joined them five minutes late, got the mission in private.

"Exploratory testing of how easy it is to get data in different formats about education in the United States and the United Kingdom from and"
How easy was it to get data in different formats?
About Education?
The two websites...

First five minutes, I spent observing the questions asked by co-participants.

I was *confused*. What was the exact mission?

Find how easy it is to find education related info from the site?
I re-phrased the mission and clarified with the facilitator.

"Exploratory testing of the two websites"
I set myself a mission: "How easy it is to find information from the webpage:"

While others were testing & discussing on the Skype window, I peeped now & then to check if I missed any important information.

I selected 'Education' as Category and did not select any agency *on purpose*. When I clicked on Search, I was presented with 4 records and 'Education' & 'All categories' checked in the Category and Agency checkboxes.

Let me see if a different agency would give a different search result.
Category - Education; Agency - Bureau of Indian Education yielded 1 result.

TIME UP!!!!!!!!

Did I meet the mission?
I don't know. Let me participate in the discussion. Will update later.