Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My First Guest Lecture :)

It's been a while since my last post.

As I was busy preparing for my exams ('MS in Quality Management' from BITS, Pilani), I could not devote some time to my blog. The other reason being lack of any interesting topic in my testing life to blog on.

Finally, I got a reason to blog.

I delivered my First "GUEST LECTURE" to a batch of students undergoing a program titled

"Diploma in Software Testing"

The presentation is uploaded as a video.

If you want to use this video or its contents for commercial purposes, please send an email to or you can provide a link to this post. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and punishable under 'IT Act 2000'

Feel free to comment, agree, disagree, challenge, agree to disagree, question, appreciate, suggest on my testing approach and the post.

Update: I gave my guest lecture to the students of Edista's Finishing School.
It was a unique experience considering the fact that it was my first presentation on testing for students of testing.

There were quite a lot of drawbacks coupled with good things in my presentation which were well noted by Pradeep Soundararajan.

Every move I make in my software testing life, I learn a lot and I know that I need to unlearn a lot.

Improving day by day, practicing day by day, one day I'll become the 'Expert Tester' I dream of. :)


Suma said...

Hey very different approach. I liked it. How you delivered is very important here.
Nice. Good luck

Ajay Balamurugadas said...

Thanks Suma :)

Jayraman said...

dude you make life simple..
this is the best way to cram things.. :)

Eward said...

What a great experience, surely you are already an expert in Tester.

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