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- Published two books in the 'What If...' series.
* What If... A question every software tester must ask
* What If... 50+ tips to win testing contests
- Presented "Weekend Testing: Skilled Software Testing Unleashed" at CAST 2011 at Seattle.
- Presented "I am the Bug Hunter" at Bug-De-Bug conference at Chennai.
- Presented "Cost of Value and Value of Cost" at STEP-AUTO conference at Bangalore.
- Presented webinar "The joy of weekend testing facilitation" for EuroSTAR 2011.
- Graduate of BBST Instructor's Course.

- Article titled ‘Keys to Successful Software Testing Teams’ published in Software Test Professionals website.
- Presented "Weekend Testing: Skilled Software Testing Unleashed" at EuroSTAR 2010 at Copenhagen, Denmark.
- Received second prize in e-avishkar (innovation) competition organized by EFI India Pvt. Ltd.
- Won the BlogSTAR competition organized by EuroSTAR 2010.
- Featured on EFI newsletter.
- Won a worldwide bug hunting competition organized by LogiGear and was awarded free conference ticket to VISTACON 2010, Vietnam.
- Graduate of BBST Bug Advocacy Course and BBST Foundations Course.
- Co-authored an article for Testing Experience magazine 9th edition.

- Presented on "Bangalore Weekend Testers" at STC 2009 Conference at Hotel Le Meredian, Bangalore, India.

- Presented a guest lecture on "My Testing Approach" at Edista's Software Testing Finishing School, Bangalore, India.

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