Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend Testing needs your support

It's been a while since the last weekend testing session conducted five sessions back to back. Testers who were interested to join were disappointed. Weekend Testing site was not at all updated for a long time. There were multiple emails which did not receive any reply. Multiple comments were not published. So, why this post?

This post is to convey two points:

I am sorry for the unintended break
I got a new job, got busy and can give many more excuses but the truth is I did not facilitate the sessions. I am sorry for it and I promise to dedicate time for Weekend Testing once again.

Weekend Testing is back and is here to stay
This Sunday onwards, we will have sessions regularly - hopefully, every weekend.
The site contents have been simplified

  • Removed unused content/options
  • Removed registration link - I don't see a need for testers to register. Also, the % of spam users seems to be greater than testers.
  • Just the required content is present.
So, as a co-founder of Weekend Testing, I need your support to help me continue Weekend Testing sessions. Join the sessions, help me facilitate and present your ideas.

Here is the plan I have in my mind. Have a theme for every session.

First sunday - Bug hunting a desktop application
Second sunday - Applying a testing technique on a website
Third sunday - Analyzing a tool for a particular type of problem
Fourth sunday - A case study, compare and contrast sessions.

So, lets get started. As usual details will be posted at 

Any questions? Email -


Jasmeet Singh said...

Awesome, I am ready at my end for these weekend sessions

Anonymous said...

Cool. I haven't really been to a session but I'm excited to check it out. I'll definitely try to block my time for this.

Unknown said...

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Software Testing said...

Hi Ajay,
This is a great thought to share the knowledge online, scheduled as well so that interested one can keep themselves available. Good Work!! Keep Going..

All the best!!!