Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thank you 2012. Welcome 2013

2012 is almost over. This year has been a very good year for me. I want to highlight five good things from my 2012 experiences.

Two more books in What If... series.
When I wrote my first book, I did not realize that I could write three more. The first book took more than three months for me to complete. The response by the readers and testing community gave me the confidence to complete each of the next three books in three days each. I have testers emails and chat messages thanking me for the book. It was well received. Thanks to the readers, I plan to write more and not restrict to just two books per year.

If you have not bought my books yet, here is the post with the details:

I joined Fiberlink
Everyone keeps changing companies. I did after five years and six months of working at efi. There was no formal interview conducted. They liked my work, called for a chat and offered me the job. I was very impressed when I saw that they were using cheatsheet by Elisabeth Hendrickson. I could sense the passion they had towards exploratory testing and they were talking about exploratory testing. I knew that it would be fun working with them as they seemed to be passionate about software testing.

Its been eleven months and I am still enjoying. I got the Best New Joinee award and every day teaches me something cool.

Online training on software testing through Skype
I started training over Skype and there was a good response. I met many testers online. And some of them are really good. After completing four batches, I think that I should continue this exercise in 2013 as well. I do train testers on a 1-1 basis. If you are interested, ping me.

Workshop on software testing
Once I conducted the online training, I realized that I can do it onsite too. Thanks to Chennai Bug debug and Hyderabad testers meet, I conducted a one day workshop at Chennai & Hyderabad. Testers liked the presentation style and the content. I learnt a lot about conducting courses.

RTI event
I went to Rapid Testing Intensive event at Orcas Island for a week. The most hectic course I have attended after BBST and the best place I have visited till now. A superb combo. I can safely say that I have restarted my journey as a software tester after attending this course.

With the five points listed above, I end the year 2012 on a very happy note.
I look forward to 2013.

I did not have many expectations when I started 2012. Its the same with 2013. I am prepared. Let's see what's in store!


Unknown said...

Weldone Ajay, Advance New Year Wishes :-)

Anurag Raghuvanshi said...

Your passion and enthu creates energy in the buddying software testers.Best of luck for 2013 year

Unknown said...

All the Best for a Great 2013. Keep up the good work.

Ajay Balamurugadas said...

Thank you all. Wish you a great new year :) said...