Sunday, September 25, 2011

100 days to 2012

At the beginning of 2011, I posted about my goals for 2011 here. I was very eager to complete the year on a high and make this the best year. There was enough planning. As it often happens with me, I was able to successfully meet some of the goals. I started working towards some goals and I added few more *NEW* goals and pursued them.

Today, I look back at the months gone by and count the days to 2012. I am trying to assess my performance this year. I am happy to say that I have met the expectations even though I could have exceeded my own expectations in some other way.

To start with January, I started reading the books mentioned for January. I learnt a very important lesson from this experience. I could not finish a book in one go. I needed 2-3 months to fully absorb a book.

Though I felt that I was on track for most of the year, I achieved a lot more which was not present on the Goal Chart.

I participated in contests and was in top three in most of them. I added few more books to my collection.
Books in my reading list

2011, I was thinking of not attending any of the conferences and I ended up presenting at THREE conferences!

First of them was at Chennai - BugDeBug conference:
Resources to help a tester
Then I presented at STEP - AUTO conference at Bangalore. 
Summary Slide of my presentation
Finally, my dream came true. I met the Bach Brothers and Matt Heusser in person. I met all my online heroes and friends in person. I was at CAST 2011. I presented at CAST 2011.
The Bach Brothers' Award
Then I had the opportunity to present a webinar for EuroSTAR 2011 and the topic was
'The Joy of Weekend Testing Facilitation'

Weekend Testing Facilitation
I wrote articles for Testing Planet and Testing Circus.

The latest was the mindmap to EuroSTAR 2011. As the Country Ambassador, I presented the following mindmap:

And finally, here I am - analyzing how the year has gone by so quickly.
Close to 100 days and I am focussed on just one book for now

Lets meet in 2012.


Patrik said...

Sounds like a busy year, but nice though=)
Do you know when and where the CAST conference is planned to happen at 2012?