Wednesday, April 6, 2011

End of Q1 - Progress Report

I am Back!
Wish I could say that but I know that I am not at my best yet. My best is yet to come. 
Looking back at the three months in 2011, I am happy and disappointed with my progress so far.

First the 'not so good' news: 
  • I had few books on my list to complete by March. I started reading all the three books. There are quite a lot to read and learn from each of the books though.
  • I wanted to work on my programming skills but that is still a dream.
  • I could not fulfill a dream. I realized that I was not yet prepared for it.
  • Though I promised many people about many things, that remained as a promise. I did not keep the promise.
  • I started getting up late again. I missed the cab few times. I did not practice writing enough.
So, what is the 'good news' after so many 'not so good news'

The good news is that I have realized my mistakes early enough (hope so) and I have started working hard to get back on the right track.

Thanks to all my friends and well wishers - I am working hard towards my goals.

I will bounce back. As they say  - 
“It's not how many times you fall that matters, it's how many times you get back up.”

I will give in my 100 % in the next nine months. Next progress report is due on July 01st 2011.


Amith said...

What matters is how high you rise after you fall.

Darren McMillan said...

It's not important how much you can do or achieve in a time period. What's important is how much you enjoy doing the things you want to do.

Good luck, and thanks for sharing.