Sunday, May 30, 2010

Grab it or keep waiting

As Michael Bolton mentions in his blog post Management Mistakes Part 1,

I usually don’t like fiction writing in the form of dialogs. I’m not good at the form, which leads to me not practicing it, which of course leads to me not being good at it.

I relate with the above statement.
I feel, I'm not good at writing a blog post, which leads to me not practicing it, which of course leads to me not being good at it.
I want to practice and here is an attempt to highlight what I think of people who don't try due to fear of failure.

I feel that there are at least two choices when an opportunity presents itself. Either we recognize it or we don't recognize it. Well, after recognizing an option, there seems to be two more options: either you are ready to take the risk needed to utilize the opportunity. Or you cook up an excuse and make it big enough such that you feel that Yes, the opportunity is not the right opportunity. You enjoy being in the victim's seat and when the last ray of the opportunity presents itself in form of colleagues, you say: you know I have A,B,C already piled up, how can I take up this opportunity?

I did the right thing right?
Well, if you search for colleagues who always have a YES you are right!!!

So, what is the point I want to make?
Every opportunity has a risk associated with it. If you concentrate too much on the risk, you fail to realize the value of the opportunity. There is no single human being on earth who doesn't have problems.

It is we who have to act on the opportunity.

Please note: I'm not saying: take every opportunity or don't consider the risks of any opportunity.

The result of 'Every shot you don't take' is already known. It will not hit the target. Why don't you even try? What if the target was missed the last time? It is OK.

Maybe the attempt was not strong enough.
Maybe the competition needed more preparation.
Lets give it our best shot and forget about the result.

Why do you wait for the tomorrow. Why not today? What stops you today?
Tomorrow has its own share of problems and opportunities.

I'd like to conclude by quoting Robin Sharma:
If its meant to be, its up to me!!!
No one will work to improve my skills. Its up to me to make use of the opportunities presented.
Don't wait for the opportunity. Create one and grab it. Life is short.

I am very happy as I type this. I feel I have conquered a mountain.
I am OK if this blog post is not up to the standard. I have made a start and will improve :)

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Savita Munde said...

It was very inspiring. I liked it very much :-)